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Casino de Paris parties are fast becoming a popular means of entertaining both small and large groups. As the leader in the field of casino party productions, we are able to provide the most authentic gaming equipment available in California. Our expertise in the field will assure you total success in achieving your goal of providing a fascinating evening of entertainment. An experienced counselor is always available for assistance.

Sales and catering managers, party coordinators, committee chairpersons, and all private party givers have been perplexed for years trying to achieve 100% participation by their guests. Casino parties solve this problem. One call to Casino de Paris does it all! Just let us know the date of your party, location, number of guests attending and an expert counselor will coordinate a delightful event. Our service includes providing croupiers, pit bosses, stools, table skirting, and marked chips, which enables you to attain the most authentic Las Vegas atmosphere possible.

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